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George Skywalker & Cryptic Promises

Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while since we checked in. We are toiling away on new music, with projects a-brewin’ but nothing ready to share just yet. It might be quiet for a while but if all goes as planned we’ll have some special stuff to share that will be unlike any version of The Bynars you’ve seen or heard before!

Was that cryptic enough for you? Good!

In less abstract news, Matt & Andy are playing live as George Skywalker on Friday, November 7 @ T.T. The Bear’s for a Weezer/Jimmy Eat World tribute show. “What is this George Skywalker?” you may ask. Simply put, George Skywalker is us (Matt & Andy) covering our favorite songs. Keeping with the theme of this tribute show, we’ll be performing our favorite songs by Weezer-related bands/side projects like The Rentals, The Special Goodness, that dog., and some other surprises! These bands are hugely important and influential to us, so we couldn’t be more excited to be performing their songs! In case you missed it, Matt was recently interviewed on Your Favorite Album podcast about his favorite album, The Rentals’ Seven More Minutes.

So there you go.

Below is a poster with more info and all the other bands. You can get advanced tickets here. Or RSVP via Facebook here.

Hope to see you there!