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Making of “Time vs. Money” Part 1 of 4, Viktor Plotnikov (Choreographer)

We want to share the insights of the talented people who helped create our latest music video, “Time vs. Money.”  First up is choreographer Viktor Plotnikov, originally from the Ukraine, an award-winning choreographer who spent years performing with Boston Ballet and creating innovative choreography for a plethora of ballet productions, he is currently Resident Choreographer at Festival Ballet Providence, where we shot the video.
“This is the first time I’ve worked on a music video.  Introduced to me by Shaun Clarke, I loved the idea itself, but was a bit skeptical about ballet being in it.  In the end I totally went along with it because Shaun was so excited and sure about ballet looking great with the song.  The process was different from any other process I’ve done before.  I started with the dancers on several small sections which we called A, B, C, etc. (which is not my usual style of work) and later some derivatives such as A1 and 2 and so on. I had in mind to have all these segments able to fit in any part of the music on the time line.  When we were rehearsing, I filmed what was done and sent it to Shaun so he had an idea of what it looked like and how to film it best.
The girl in the tutu for me represents money, sort of extravagantly dressed, caring about her hair all the time and being beautiful for the sole reason of glamour.
And the guy is simply dressed, I would even say sporty – fast and agile, moving through everyday life, seeing no need to show off – representing time.”
– Viktor Plotnikov
Watch “Time vs. Money” music video.