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Every Little Thing You Love

It brings us great joy to present to you this 10-minute short film / music video for our song “Every Little Thing You Love.”  Directed by JP DiSciscio, the film is about a girl who falls in love with an alien.  She is tormented by Cardigan-clad bullies, subsists on a steady diet of Moxie & a fictional breakfast cereal called Frosted Frogs… and eventually finds herself battling an evil scientist!

As many of you know, we spent a lot of time and energy working on this.  Some of you even helped us fund it.  We are thrilled with the final results.  Enjoy, let us know what you think, and please share it!

Video: http://vimeo.com/48846042
Download the song (Free): http://thebynars.bandcamp.com/track/every-little-thing-you-love
Buy Album: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-bynars/id433891055

So, what’s next?  We have some regional shows coming up…

9/22 @ Ralph’s Diner, Worcester, MA
9/29 @ Blacksmith Art & Music Festival, Fitchburg, MA
11/15 @ Great Scott, Allston, MA
aaannnnd… we’re starting work on a new album!
Thank you,

♥ Matt, Ben, Mike

We’re making a music video!

Hello everyone,
After receiving a lot of positive feedback about our interactive video for “How Does It Feel to Be in Love?” we’ve decided to create another music video, this time for our song Every Little Thing You Love …but true to form, we’re not trying to create just any old music video!  This one is going to feel more like a short film - think of it in the tradition of music videos as “mini movies,” when Thriller ruled MTV, not just band sing-a-longs.  We’ll be teaming up with a filmmaker named JP Disciscio and we’re eager to get started.
But we need your help! Today, we’re launching a fundraising campaign via IndieGoGo to help raise funds to make this video happen.  Please check out our page & promo video to find out more about the project and to donate.  We’re offering perks for everyone who gives, which means you’ll get something back for your donation (copies of our album, limited edition shirts, props from the video set, we’re even writing personalized songs, and offering to come to play a show in your living room).  Anything you can give is a huge help and is greatly apprecaited.  Here’s the link:
Please consider sharing this link on your Facebook or Twitter.  We have 30 days to reach our goal.  We’ll check in again soon with updates.
Thank you!