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Mike’s Last Show

Hi everyone – Matt here.  Just wanted to let you all know that Mike is leaving to attend medical school in DC this fall, so our show this Friday 8/1 @ T.T. The Bear’s will be his last show with the band, and it will likely be our last show for quite a while too.   The Bynars are still going to release music, but we’ll be taking a break from playing shows after this one.  There are some projects in the works, but not the types of projects that involve playing out or touring.  More on that later.

Besides becoming one of my dearest friends over the past 6 years, Mike and I have always pushed eachother creatively, perhaps more than anyone I’ve ever collaborated with.   I credit Mike with spearheading some of the biggest creative leaps we’ve taken with this band, and I credit him with proving to me that taking a big risk and trusting yourself is always more rewarding than staying in your comfort zone and your idea of what should be done.  Better to ask: what could be done?  That is one of the greatest lessons a person can ever learn, and I must say I never truly realized that concept until Mike came along.  I will miss that influence from him so much, but his decision now to take such a huge leap in his own life only affirms that idea, makes me respect him even more, and makes me want to continue on in such a way with The Bynars.

Most of all I’ll miss having an excuse to hang out with him twice a week, playing music with him, and sharing crazy moments with him on tour (and we’ve had a lot).   But I know he will go on to do great things.  He is one of the brightest, most inspiring people I have ever met and I hope you’ll all come out to the show on 8/1 to see him off!

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