“I don’t dance. But if I did dance, I would probably dance to The Bynars.”
Daykamp Music, Full Article (October 2013)

“If you’re into synth-heavy beats and daringly futuristic jams, the Bynars are the band for you.”
— Magnet Magazine, Full Article, (September 2013)

“Rolling waves of 80′s new wave synth coupled with 80′s electric guitar riffs, as if Prince, OMD and Eddie Van Halen were put into a blender.”
— Indie Rock CafeFull Article (October 2013)

X vs. X looks at the extremes in life: love and hate; dreams and reality; happiness and sorrow; and the complexities within. Those kind of themes can be a drag, but combined with the Bynars’ dancefloor-conjuring synth hooks, the result is equal parts smart, relatable and fun.”
— AllMusic, Full Article (September 2013)

“The Bynars’ [debut album] is a sparkly, spiky, adrenalized dash through a Rentals-meets-Passion Pit electro-pop dream that buzzes with Weezer-y guitars, old school new wave synth squiggles, and perky songs about weighty topics like asking your mom for money.”
— The Boston Globe, Full Article (April 2011)

“Contagious, danceable rock .”
— Performer Magazine, Full Article (July 2011)

“Chair dancing to these songs is a certainty”
— Music Savage, Full Article (April 2011)

“If Weezer and The B-52’s got drunk and hooked up, their offspring would be The Bynars… Deliriously danceable rock doesn’t get any better.”
— Lonely Vagabond, Full Article (August 2009)

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