Making of “Time vs. Money” Part 2 of 4, Kirsten Evans (Dancer)

Next on our “Making of Time vs. Money” series is Kirsten Evans, one of the dancers in the video.  She and Alex Lantz both work with Festival Ballet Providence, where we shot the video. Words that come to mind: talent, professionalism, enthusiasm, focus, stamina… they danced a full six hour session shooting this video, and brought their A game the entire time.  Kirsten has a blog called Setting the Barre where she chronicles her life as a dancer.  She posted a few entries about her experience shooting the “Time vs. Money” video.  You can read them all here – check out the excerpt below:

“What time is it?”

“You know what, I have absolutely no idea.  We’ve been in this black hole for so many hours…is it still Wednesday?”

-A and I at 3:30 pm 3 Wednesdays ago, volleying exhausted sentiments at the end of a 6-hour dance day.  The studio that we spend our lives in had been completely blacked out for our video shoot.  Dark curtains covered the big windows, the fluorescent lights were extinguished- there would be nothing for the strangely live dust bunnies to cling to but the fierce lights that spotted us, most times from behind.  With the free Seven Stars lunch (possibly the highlight of an already exceptionally interesting day) still fresh in our gracious mouths, A and I pondered the allusive hour, realized what a long time we had been working for, and exchanged an unplanned nod of pride towards each other.  We had one segment left to shoot, and it was, without a conference, our favorite.

Stepping back into the center of the studio, we took our positions for the “spinny sequence”, between a backpack-sized camera and one blinding spotlight.  As we danced our last section, the two objects moved on human legs, slowly circling around us, mimicking our revolution.  Now this is a real black hole, A and I agreed with our eyes.  Just keep spinning, one more take, and we might be released from it’s spiraling suction.

“That’s a wrap!”, the director led our celebratory applause before embarking on his round of handshakes and high fives.  It was the second week of summer and already we’d filmed a music video- talk about starting off the new season with a bang.

– Kirsten Evans
Watch “Time vs. Money” music video.
Follow Kirsten’s blog, Setting the Barre.

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