Video Release almost kills!

Yesterday we released our new interactive music video. It was viewed by many of our amazing fans. It was re-posted numerous times on Facebook and Twitter by said amazing fans, and also picked up by some blogs and websites. The peak came when news of our video was picked up by (which is pretty awesome). By mid-day, the video had been viewed by an OVERWHELMING number of people, which caused our site to run reeeeeeeaaaaaaally slow… like, almost die. By the evening, everything was loading at a snail’s pace, and it may as well have been dead. So we moved the video to another site. And now we are alive & happy again. As a user, you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing – just enjoy the video as you normally would. All the links will still work, etc. But it was dicey for a while yesterday, and we apologize if you experienced a load time that was really insane (longer than a few minutes). This video does take a while to load… just probably not that long.

Thank you for almost killing our site. Seriously. We just appreciate that people are watching. These are all good problems to have, we would honestly be happy if our site almost dies again :)

Thank you for all your kind messages, re-posts, and retweets yesterday. Keep watching. Keep re-posting. You are all awesome.

Thank you!

♥ The Bynars

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